How can I learn web design from home for free?

How can I learn web design from home for free?
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Web design became easy because of technology nowadays as compared to the past. So that’s why It is a passion to be a website designer for young professionals. Therefore, In this post, I am going to discuss the popular question of “how can you learn web design from home for free” or “How to start web designing” in a very simple brief.

is this possible that I can learn web design from home for free?

Yes, it is possible! But, Firstly understand what web design is in real world.

What is web design?

Web design is a visual structure created for the website. This means the Look and feels with which the user or visitor of the website interacts but The misconception here is that Web design is coding or front-end development?

That’s not true because Front end development is doing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. No doubt that coding knowledge is required. But it is not enough.

So, We can say web design is simply to solve complex problems of the user’s interaction of services or products of a website or in Logical terms we can say that:

Visual + Interaction

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Skills Required for the web designers to learn web design

  • First of all, Photoshop is a must.
  • Creativity is the key to successful designers in every design so work on it.
  • Visual designing rules
  • Layout design
  • Knowledge of interaction design
  • Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS is required.
  • Dreamviewer software knowledge converts your visual design into HTML and CSS automatically so it is very much important.
  • Understand the requirements of the company’s product information because it is essentially what you will do actually.
  • Understand interaction rules of a design so, in others, words follow interactive designs for practice.
  • Basic SEO knowledge.

 3. Basic Elements of any website design

  • Layout
  • Content
  • Font
  • Color
  • Graphics

How can I learn web design for free? and where to start From

A) Best Courses To learn web design are:


Firstly youtube has the Best Free collection of courses of photoshop and the Best Free courses in Html, CSS therefore use it. But, do not only depend on youtube. As in the start, it is good but there are many other resources also.


Most of the courses here are published with the collaboration with Google, but all courses are not free. Basic knowledge courses are free.


Most important resource nowadays. There are numerous Free courses on Web design for beginners so, You can get the entire course, beginner to advanced.

Solo Learn:

Here, you can take the course like HTML and CSS, therefore, go for it.


 This Forum Has good free courses so a lot of free knowledge.


 B). Best Online websites and blogs:

This is the main learning Forum because Here you can practice Html, CSS, and Javascript for Free and they provide testing tools and run code.

I would recommend you the Front-End course of because the courses are well structure and completely interactive.

Google code Forums:

Also, Join these Forums to enhance your knowledge.

C) Resource to Look what other web designers doing for creativity experience:

You can learn about creativity here, how other web designers are creating designs and what new elements they are using in their designs so very much important to Forum.

You can learn about interactions and Layout because of that you can understand better about color selections and color pallets used in a design.

5. Conclusion:

So, Follow the resources above and start learning and slowly you will become a professional designer. how can I learn web design for free?

For example follow our Home page

So, your initial journey to be a web designer!. By following the above all material, you can learn website design at home for Free without losing a single penny.  These resources are the key of every website designer in the beginning so follow these regularly. Therefore, Do not give up. Good Luck!