How much a website cost in India?

How much a website cost in India?

Nowadays, website is most important part of any business. So, if you have decided to have a website you are going in right direction.

But most common question of the people before moving ahead for a website is that how much a website cost?

In this post, I am going to answer this question that how much a website will be charged.

A website cost depends upon many elements.

Website cost is depending on many factors.

1. website agency you are going with.

Website cost is based on the agency because every agency has their own packages for example:

Addme agency charge for a simple website around 20000.

Average cost is like 10000 Rs if we talk about packages.

2. website design

Website design is the main factor of any website because the template or design has value for your business which will help to attract customers.

Website design includes Logo, and images cost also. This means a logo cost around 1000Rs in India and images cost depend on the agency.

Good design, Higher cost, normal design, less cost.

So, I will suggest you that you should go for the good design.

In India good design cost around 3000Rs to 4000Rs.

3. website domain

The website domain is the address or URL of the website. Agency needs to buy that from any domain seller like GoDaddy, Hostinger, etc.

Each domain cost different depend upon your business name.

Common cost for any domain is around 100rs/Monthly

4. website hosting

Website hosting is the resource where the website will be a host or it is a rented space to put our website code on the internet.

It depends on the type of hosting a website need.

There are 3 types of most common Hosting used:

Shared Hosting:       Mostly used for static type or small scale websites

Vps Hosting :             website used for normal speed where you will have your own resources.

Dedicated Hosting:  Dedicated hosting is where a server has its own dedicated resources and mainly uses for eCommerce businesses.

5. Type of website

There are two type of websites Static or Dynamic.

Dynamic websites more costly than Static websites because Dynamic websites include a selection of CMS, plugins, type of plugins, type of cms, etc.

6. No of pages in the website

Any website have a specific no of pages so Website cost depend on the no of pages a business need.

Agency’s offer different of packages like 3 page, 5 page, 8 page or 10 page websites.

Per page the cost is around 500Rs to 1000Rs. So as the no of pages increases cost increases.

7. Content writing

Content writing is the key to any website business to be successful or not. Content writing is the main value for your business. It cost accordingly depending on the agency experience. Most experienced agencies charge more for their content.

Content also helps in the seo, so you must invest on this.

8. SSL Certificates:

SSL certificate is the certificates to server your website on the HTTPS which is more secure than Http.

SSL certificate cost vary from company to company. It is around 500Rs to 2000Rs per certificate.


So a website’s cost is mainly in the domain, hosting, SSL certificate, design, and contents. I will suggest going for a package because many agencies provide monthly support also.

I hope this article helps you.