Types of Website Design

Types of Website Design
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Nowadays, websites are very essential part of any business in this internet era.

But many business owners, shop owners are not aware that which type of website they should go for.

In this Blog post I am going to answer that question how many types of website there are.

Many people ask that they need a website but don’t know what kind or what type of website they need.

Technically there are 2 types of websites

Static website defines a website which have fixed contents not changeable.

Types of website, kind of website

1. Static website:

As you know Static means Constant. Where the content of the website can not be changed by the client or user. This type of website Is used in very few Percentages these days.

A Static website design is developed by HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. These types of websites don’t have any kind of data storage.

Static type of websites does not have any server-side language. They don’t need any server.

Static websites files have .html extensions.

Data storage is like where all the users’ data or business data will be store. MySQL is the common data storage software that mainly stores all the information about the business, product.

In static websites we build a structure based on the HTML and CSS. We link the pages each other with anchor text.

A very common software name Dreamviwer is use to make static websites.

Static websites are not in very few demands these days. Business owners who just need an informative website need static websites. You can also learn web design from home for free.

2 Dynamic websites

As the name suggest: Dynamic means changeable.

This means a website where a client or user can change the contents of the website by itself. They don’t need any technical hand to go into the code.

Dynamic websites use html, CSS, JavaScript as well as php or ASP.net.

Php and ASP.net is a Server-side language. Which used to communicate with the database where all the content information store.

So, every dynamic type of website needs a server where any scripting language can compile and execute their code.

Dynamic websites in these days very popular because they give ability to the user or client to control the contents as per requirement or any occasions.

These days Dynamic website are more popular than Static websites because of CMS or Content management systems.

Content management systems or CMS’s Examples are like WordPress, Magento, Drupal, Modx etc.…

Ecommerce websites also is the part of Dynamic websites.


So basically there are only two types of websites are there Static and Dynamic. Dynamic websites are on trend these days because of some open source Content management systems.